My Hero, My Mom

Written By:  Urooj Zulfiqar
Your life is of no importance to you,
For your family, when all the sacrifices you do.
You had a dream that was filled with rainbow colors,
But you let it go, a bird that struggles.
You had to spend a time in your life
With your family in a small place, you compromised;
When you couldn’t even have a small piece of bread;
By water and old food you survived.
It was the time when you had to live in a barn,
Like a horse, you waited for dawn.
You left your home, family, and dreams behind,
When you found the one you love the most.
You brought heaven when you entered his life
With rivers, trees, and food that cries.
A brave lioness, you protected us the long way.
Fed us from the sky that fell in our way.
You think that possessions make us happy. Wrong!
It’s your happiness and wealth that we want.
Not the sacrifices you make, give us the wonders of the world.
It’s your love and faith in us, help us in our life.
Everybody should have a mother like you.
A mother who makes love to the family;
Mother who makes sacrifices for the family;
And who helps the family during hard times.
Underneath a mother’s feet there’s heaven, they say.
You are my hero mom so don’t you ever change.
My love is for you mom and May God bless you.

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