Coffee Girl

Written By: Ahmad Babar
I first saw her one December night
She was sitting on the table to my right
She was drinking a cup of coffee
I was hoping for her to notice me
She was wearing a light blue dress
As usual my hair were a mess
She had a sweet smile on her face
I was just awe struck by her grace
I saw her again the next day
She was sitting alone on the subway
I went and sat next to her
All of a sudden things were warmer
I offered her a cup of coffee
She took it and smiled at me
I gathered courage and started to talk
I asked her out for a walk
She agreed with a reluctant smile
I wanted to walk with her for miles
That night I picked her up from her place
I couldn’t keep me eyes off of her face
We talked about everything
We sat together till the next morning
She sat with her head on my shoulder
Unconsciously I was falling in love with her
Her cup of coffee was getting cold
But I was still warm enough to hold
I told her all that was in my heart
Fearing it might end before it starts
She sat looking into my eyes
I prepared myself for a good-bye
She stood up and looked at me
She finally said yes oh so sweetly
I jumped up and hugged her
Never before had I felt warmer
My coffee girl now sits next to me
We remember it all while sipping coffee

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sasha July 8, 2010 at 11:39 am

oh so sweet poeming. i want to be coffee girl after read this every girl dream to be coffee girl. question is how you have cup of coffee handy on you in subway? romantics.


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