Written by: Urooj Zulfiqar

“Time it” I yelled across, as I took my position,
Bang the gunshot heard, as I lifted my foot and started the race,
As I took my first step, cool summer breeze hit me.
I eyed my goal, but something held me.
Suddenly it was foggy everywhere
Nothing was visible not far, not near.
But something was visible enough to see,
Faces, laughter right in front of me.
Creeping up my spine, it tickles my inner core
From light to darkness, from excitement to bore,
I feel the sensation take over me,
Pulling me towards a storm of sea.
On one side there’s laugher,
On the other, there’s sadness.
One speaks the truth,
The other tell lies.
One comes through,
While the other just flies.
One just fights, the other lives in harmony;
Creating such music, such symphony,
Of something you’ve never heard before
But yet a familiar, a-heard-of score.
It’s all connected somehow,
To the person you’ll find now,
A midst the competition;
Trying to survive, to win,
While reliving the memories,
Etched far back in the mind within.
She opens her eyes and the race has ended,
It has only been few minutes but it felt forever.
She heard the crowd cheering,
But she heeds no attention, as she turns around
And looks back at the starting line,
Wondering if it really has come to an end.
Finally it hits her, indeed it has;
At least to the world it has but to her the memories live on.

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