The Ocean

Written by: Sarah Ansari
Sitting by the shore,
lost in my thoughts,
feeling the sand under my toes,
feeling the wind take away my woes,
the sound of waves soothing,
the bright sunlight calming,
tears stung my eyes suddenly,
like a wave bringing back old memories.
it was here that i saw you once,
it was here that i buried you then,
beneath the very sand that i stand upon,
in the depths of the ocean,
but the memory of you remains,
and grips my very soul.
i thought this ocean was deep enough,
to bury all my thoughts and pain,
it was calling to me,
‘come hither! come hither!’
i, hypnotized by the enchanting voice,
move towards it, unable to break away,
i feel the cold water washing over me,
i cannot breath, the ocean has filled my lungs,
i fight to get away but it pulled me deep into
its bosom, into its depth,
burying me with my memories, thoughts and pain
and you.

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