Written by: Ahmad Babar
I am sitting in Paris
My mind’s going astray
I don’t think I am lost
But still I can’t find my way
I long to get back home
But its a long way away
From the top of the Eiffel Tower
I watch the world sway
Each one to his own music
Each one to her own beat
And I watch them fool eachother
From the best possible seat
There’s something really funny about
All of this seriousness
They all pretend they are in paradise
While they are really in a mess
In the fashion capital of the world
In the most romantic city
There is not a single soul with a heart
What a pity
The wind starts to blow
The stars come out onto the sky
As the night draws in
I try to search for a butterfly
A friend once told me
About one up in the sky
Formed by the stars
One that fills you up with joy
As the lights below come on
I commence my descent
Step by step I return to the world
Where one and all pretend
I hope I won’t get engulfed
Or let myself be swept away
There’s way too much pain in Paris
To tempt me to stay
I set on my way home
On my longest journey
In hope to get back
In hope to rediscover ‘me’

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