Job searching is certainly more than commode sitting!

Written By: Arooj Fatima
Sitting on the commode, paper in our hands and scanning through the jobs section trying to find some way of being of service to the society while earning some cash on the side; isn’t this the situation we have all been in?
After scanning the whole thing and highlighting some news here, making a circle there, we finally decide who we want to suck up to today; who we want to butter up, and after that we start are day, wearing the same suit we wore on aunt Gracie’s wedding, making sure we look as good as that day. But is this really the right technique?
Internet critics are right about one thing; the World Wide Web has certainly replaced the newspaper. The Internet provides the greatest scope in job searches. Looking for relevant job opportunities has never been easier! Just type in the specific information, give a detail here and there, and tada! – A long continuous list of feasible job options. Furthermore the internet is readily used by new companies that are looking for pioneer employees; hence all those looking out there to establish their names have a vast sea of opportunity laid out right in front of them!
A very integral technique that one has to master is how one can sell himself. It is very important to create several different options on the job you are searching for. By showing your employers all you can do for the company and by showing that you have the required experience and desired expertise for the particular position, one can easily strike gold. As a vast number of, both established and unestablished, organizations look for employees who have the ability for working under sensitive time schedules, one should definitely inculcate this attribute in ones self in order to score a brilliant job.
One of the most integral habits to develop is patience and perseverance. After all it certainly takes a while to get the career break we are looking for; no one wants to make a hasty decision that leads him or her down an unsuitable line of employment! Hence it is necessary to try out a part time job during this transitional period.
But then again you can always settle on fixing the same toilets that you’ve sat on, hours on end, scanning the paper for jobs!

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