After 400 Years, This Industry Is Finally Being Disrupted!

Don’t look now, but your lifestyle is getting disrupted—in a good way.
While smoke shops, cigar shops, electronic cigarettes may be in vogue everywhere, lots and lots of men feel like they have to spend money on cheap quality tobacco. Which means they are subject to an industry dominated by a few big players who are quite set in their ways.
If you’re a stranger to cigar culture, here are some things you ought to know. Cigars are not cigarettes. You don’t inhale them. They aren’t addictive. I have never seen people huddling in the rain and snow outside an office building to smoke a cigar. And health risks are minimal for the vast majority of cigar smokers. The FDA itself recently reported there are minimal health risks associated with smoking two cigars a day.
For more than a century, the tobacco market has been essentially stagnant. In 1492, Christopher Columbus is generally credited with the introduction of tobacco to Europe.
These days Pure tobacco, hand rolled cigars are marketed via advertisements, product placement in movies and other media, sporting events, cigar-friendly magazines such as Cigar Aficionado, and cigar dinners. Since handmade cigars are a premium product with a hefty price, advertisements often include depictions of affluence, sensual imagery, and explicit or implied celebrity endorsement. However, most are either cheap quality tobacco or rather too expensive.
Today, there is a choice – Sultan Cigars is a new startup that is out to revolutionize the Cigar Industry by offering monthly cigar subscription of high quality hand rolled cigars for a low price.
The startup plans to introduce 4 plans which include 5 cigars in a handmade beautiful crafted wooden box. The price starts off at $50 per month for the incredible high quality hand rolled cigars.

You can sign up today at – and be a part of this Cigar Revolution.
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