Could making sweet be this simple? Try it out this Eid

Written by Urooj Zulfiqar

Eid-ul-Adha is around the corner and everyone is busy with praying and preparing for the Eid. Eid-ul-Adha, known as ‘Badi Eid’ or ‘Bakra Eid’ in Pakistan, is not about festivities but family gatherings make it a festive event. To me this event is about spending time with my family if I’m not able to perform Dhul Hijjah. And to make it a sweet day, I always prepare a sweet dish for my family, which I’ve learned from my mom.  I call it “Cookies & Cream delight.” It always brings my family together under one table and one night. The dish is so delicious that our Eid is delicious as well and I’ve decided to share this recipe with all of you my friends. So make this Eid a memorable Eid and surprise your parents with “Cookies and Cream delight.” If not for Eid then you can prepare it for any occasion that brings your family together.
Here’s how you prepare “Cookies and Cream Delight”
1 can of sour cream
1 can of condensed milk
1 box of cookies
1 box of wafers
1 pineapple box 
How to prepare it:
Mix can of sour cream and the can of condensed milk together. Mix it well or until you know it is thick enough like a puffy paste.  Keep it in the fridge.
Crush the box of cookies and wafers, separately, for the layers.
In a big square pan or deep glass pan (no more than 3 inches deep), put the crushed cookies on the bottom for the 1st layer. Pour in the white thick mixture of sour cream and condensed milk. Make sure not disturb the cookie layer and try to have the whole mixture spread out evenly. Then put the second layer of yummy crushed wafers mixed with left over crushed cookie. Again spread it out evenly. To make the layer juicier and frutilicious, add the pineapple pieces. This addition will make the sweet taste better and filled with wonder-mixture of fruity chocolate. Top it off with wafer sticks and any other fruit of your choice.  Put it in the fridge till it is time to serve and voila, you are ready to enjoy a tasty and easy sweet of “Cookies and Cream delight.”

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