The Meera conspiracy

Written by Faiza Idrees 
Renowned film actress Meera has become the heat of the headlines due to a guy claiming to be her husband. Earlier she has been in the news for acting quite boldly (or may be beyond boldness) in an Indian movie produced by Bhutts.
Pakistan is a country where almost every other day a new issues emerges, provincial autonomy to Baltistan, Bloch nationalism, repatriation in swat or Taliban in Fata but interestingly this fresh story has emerged from a very luminous line of work, Lollywood. The Meera conspiracy – a masala issue for our news-hungry TV channels.
Pictures of her wedding ceremony with a guy Attique ur Rehman were released on some TV channels. The very next day the media men were buzzing around Meera with their ever ready cameras and confusing questions. It was the first time I felt sympathy for this silver screen glamour girl and really disliked the media attitude against her. They were firing questions on her in a disgraceful way and the lady who has been the front page actress of media magazines was quite puzzled. She did admit that the two of them were in a rapport, but denied her marriage to him.
In my point of view, it is Meera’s very own very personal matter whether she is married to that man or not. Instead of serving as a bridge to link up the gap and clear misunderstandings between the people and herself the TV correspondents were stinking queries on her like she has done some national offense. Even in the news bulletin they showed Meera in a very humiliating way, by high lighting her weak English and poor ascent. Being a Pakistani citizen I appeal to all media personals that whether she is accurate or bogus let it to be decided by the courts, do not act as judges in themselves.

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Ali Zee


Dizmi January 30, 2010 at 2:05 am

i agree wid u Faiza.v shud not poke our nose in others matter.

FAISAL KABIR January 30, 2010 at 10:18 am

she’s a public figure, so cant blame media or ppl poking their nose in her affairs. public figures r PUBLIC PROPERTY.


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