Written By: Sharanya Manola
She just smiled when she heard a cry
Said, could lend a shoulder for the tears to dry
Another moment another hour
A farewell to the spring but she’s still a flower
Rioting through the creepy night
Randomly she chose a flight
Born she was as a “little dream”
When she grew up they flushed her scream
Sneaking through the moistened fair
Still gathering the vacuumed care
Will she fly or be slained
Or rather forever be maimed???
May be she will crawl
Or get high and never fall
Like a whisper in the air
May not be heard at all
O! She forgot she was a girl
Mistakenly thought of herself as a “pearl”
A price she had to pay
For the norms she was resolute to betray
She smiled at her fate
For she knew it wasn’t too late
But who knew she’ll soon be consumed
And author the scent that cursed her doom.

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