Teenagers afflicted by Psychological Problems

Written by: Amna Sajid
Depression has become a common term which everyone hears daily from their peers and family and almost everybody is suffering from it from a kid to the elder one but I am going to discuss problems afflicting teenagers. It has become a natural phenomena according to young people and they say it is part of their lives and they cannot get out of it. Young people are highly afflicted by psychological problems such as depression, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, autism, eating disorders, and ADHD. Teenage is a phase of learning where teenagers daily learn something either good or bad. Every day they step towards maturity. This learning stage is very critical as it’s totally on teenager either to which path move on, Good or bad one? Teenage depression isn’t just bad moods and occasional glum. Depression is a serious problem these days which is disturbing every aspect of a teen’s life. Teen depression can lead to problems at home and school, drug abuse, complex—even irreversible tragedies leading to such as homicidal violence or suicide.
Teenagers needs total parents’ attention as parents’ support makes a child feel safe and secure and stronger. This phase in child’s life requires a lot of patience and understanding from parents so that they can slowly nudge their child to follow the right route without being too invasive in their life. It is the time in a child’s life when they are trying to create their own identity, yet they still depend on their parents for some of the basic aspects of life. If the parents of a teen constantly fight with each other, he has to bear the consequences in the form of negligence and this affects his young mind, and if they decided to leave each other without thinking that their child is the one who has to suffer the most and has to go through massive mental torture which can leave its mark on his whole life. These consequences will be borne by the child as he is now split between parents. The child is then trapped by the series of ambivalent emotions which are prevailing in him, deciding which side to take. He is thrown into such a situation which is against his will.
The adolescent gradually goes deeper and deeper into depression and a sense of deprivation arises in him that he is all alone and isolated and there is nobody to care and understand his feelings. Many teenagers with depression describe a feeling of separation from themselves as they viewing their life from outside, like watching a movie or like a series of unfortunate events which would never end. This isolation impacts relationships with friends and loved ones. Depression negatively alters life and makes it extremely difficult for those suffering from it.
Factors like family negligence, isolation, peer pressures and ignorance are responsible for contributing towards drug-usage among teens. Drug abuse becomes frequent in teenagers and this is one of the sternest challenges faced by parents who have to deal with evils of alcohol and smoking.
The results of depression have serious effects on every aspect of the teenage life. Every kind of feelings and emotions are vanished from their lives like happiness, enthusiasm, excitement, fun, pleasure and above all the feeling of love. They are strayed and lost in their lives and find their life colorless and purposeless. They have become numb, painless and feeling less. Socializing becomes a bore or extremely uncomfortable, making it difficult for them to enjoy the normal activities associated with adolescence. Work, school, and other activities that require concentration become extremely difficult. In the extreme, it can lead to poor school performance, truancy, running away, substance abuse, and even suicide, all of which will have a lasting effect on their lives.

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