New Year’s resolution: Watching your weight

Written By: Urooj Zulfiqar
Watching one’s weight is a hard task for girls when it comes to either going to the gym or lack of sports. I know the feeling because I’ve had this problem for a long time till recently I learned how to maintain it.
The very first thing I did was watched what I ate or drank when I was free. I used to eat anything that I could put my hands into from junk food to healthy food. Although I’m not a big fan of healthy food, but it was an essential necessity for me to eat it once I realized the positive effect of it. I’m sure a lot of us don’t like eating vegetables or a good fruit, but these items are 10 times a better diet than the junk food that our body consumes. But eating only healthy food is not the answer. Our body needs a balance diet, a diet that contains both healthy and non-healthy food. I never realized that if I ate the same thing every day, I’m actually gaining more weight than watching it. If you want to eat pizza one day then eat pizza but try to avoid it the next day and select something different. What this does is that your demands and cravings changes every day keeping you and your stomach happy. This is how the process really works: your stomach growls when you are hungry and that instantly sends a signal to your brain, your brain tells you what to eat and what not to eat. So your cravings come from your brain and when that happens, you don’t realize the choices you are making, whether they are wrong or right. So it’s better if you keep watch of what you are eating each day. Your diet should vary from day to day giving you satisfaction of your cravings as well as following six food groups.
The most common fact that doctors tell you is to eat food in portions rather than in three big meals. Of course doctors know what they are doing because this small change in your life can create a huge difference. Let me relate this into more details, I used to eat three big meals in one day but slowly I decided, or rather the circumstances led me to make the decision of eating 5 small meals a day. Let’s get something straight, when I talk about 5 small meals I’m talking about small breakfast like a glass of juice with bread and jam, in the middle of the day eating a snack such as an apple or a pack of chips, later that day eat some salad or yogurt, around evening time eat cookies with chai and then around dinner time you can either eat a full meal or something small as well. The most important thing is to watch what you eat because it can create a huge difference.
Adding an exercise can further help reduce your weight. Well it depends on the type of exercise too. I know it’s hard to admit for girls or most of us wouldn’t want to admit to others that we don’t take care of our body because we are ashamed but when you admit to yourself that is when you can truly make a difference. I always had a confidence problem because of my weight and even today I do but that has changed a lot ever since I’ve started losing weight. Beginning of the year I used to weigh 135 pounds (61 kg) but now I weigh 115 pounds (52 kg). I know it’s a slow progress but it’s a progress never the less because I have maintained that weight ever since summer. I don’t have a built in gym at home and I don’t even play sports but what I do have is a 2 minutes exercise that I learned from my brother. This exercise is probably the most beneficial when it comes to your stomach and hip curves because it has helped me a lot. Of course 10 minutes of walk added to that, did wonders to my whole body and weight. It is called sit-ups. Yes it is that easy, of course if you start out with a huge number then it’s bound to hurt you and you are bound to stop but if you start out slowly then it work wonders. I do the same exercise twice a day or whenever I get the chance and each time I do 30 sit-ups. Because of sit-ups I have a stomach today and I look in shape today. Ever since I’ve lost weight all everyone asked me is how did I lose so much and what did I do. I told them these three advices and they are thanking me to this day.

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Nazem January 10, 2010 at 11:47 pm

Made some very good points. Although i feel 3 meals a day is still preferable to 6 small meals. Its also important not to binge eat. Best way to avoid this is drink water after a meal and dont lay down right after eating. Eating after 10 pm should also be avoided. very nice article, very informative


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