Is He Crazy?

Written by: Kiran Jangda
Lets face it, we have the tendency to judge a book by its cover, we think if he is pretty on the outside he must be pretty on the inside. Sadly, we are wrong more often than not. We end up dating total wack jobs because their charming façade is deceptive. Here are 5 ways to find out if your guy is crazy.
1. He is crazy if he wants you to be on the phone with him when you are out with your friends, its sweet at first but then its just plain clingy.
2. If he starts stalking you on Facebook 24/7 and wants to be informed of your every move and gets angry when he doesn’t know of your whereabouts then its time to cut loose.
3. He shows up at your place unannounced without a present or a good excuse or just to “check up on you”, although this may be subjective to how intense your relationship is. However if you just started dating then you better say goodbye before its too late.
4. he may be crazy if he creates a secret online identity and starts emailing your ex-s and other men that he thinks you might be dealing with. Being possessive is one thing but this is borderline insane.
5. Men tend to have a shorter temper as opposed to ladies, which is acceptable, but then there are men with a frightening temper. They tend to lose it completely and lose sight if what they are doing., they start throwing things and go all Hulk on you then you run as fast as you can and don’t look back!

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