Written By: Urooj Zulfiqar
A nagging feeling, turn about
Like some rotting flower bleeding away.
Praying to God to lift this drought,
Of a feeling blocking the doorway.
Wising, hoping Him to hear my call
“Please spare me of this gnawing pain,
Spare me of a life that is as hallow as a fall,
Rid me of this emptiness, this misery of a lifetime restrain.”
I have nothing but to offer myself,
My heart, my faith, my everything.
Maybe just maybe in return He will listen
And I pray for my peace of mind and my belief.
I seek Him and only Him in the end
Because He is the One to Whom I turn,
He is the answer to all my prayers,
He is my strength, my patience and my guide.
I give Him my soul and my body,
Then I can finally say, “To Him I submit!”

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nimrah February 3, 2010 at 12:54 am

i submit dat ds poem is awsome=)


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