till we meet again..

Written by: Sarah Ansari
On this mournful day
i stand alone beside a grave
it has my name,a tear slides down my cheek
a sigh leaves my lips
i see a light yonder
and as i move towards it,
it grows brighter…
i am standing in the light
so calm and peaceful it seems
with a softness and purity around it
i hear a voice,’who wants my counsel?’
i try to speak but to no avail
‘I know what ye want’
speechless i am again
‘I know what ye desire’
curiousity washes over me
but i dare not ask
‘but what ye want, tis yours no more,
look out this window and ye shall see’
a window appears out of nowhere it seemed
i pushed it open to see, you
standing over my grave
shedding tears of sadness
sobbing quietly
calling my name wanting me back
and then i see a hand on your shoulder
you turn to see a fair face
you smiled at her and she,
whispered so ever softly’i am with you always’
i find myself crying
reaching out the window, but it is shut
i feel frightened for i am alone,
‘ye shalt not fear for I am here’
the softness of the voice seems so Divine
so pure, so light, so heavenly
i am at peace till we meet again,
someday soon.

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