Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taiwan

Foods and bathrooms are two things that don’t typically go together, which is why the Modern Toilet Eatery in Taiwan offers such a disturbing experience to patrons.  Seating is provided throughout the restaurant along with tables, but it’s not what you’d expect – the complete restaurant decor is just like a modern bathroom. Toilets offer patrons a place to sit down, and their meals are served on sinks that have been converted into table tops.
The meals might make you lose your lunch if you don’t have a strong stomach, since they are served in miniature toilet bowls, and while they taste good, they are designed to look as unappetizing as possible (I think the pictures do justice)
Modern Toilet

Let me just start by saying that eating is not the first thing that comes to mind when you walk into this place. But ever since The Toilet Restaurant opened in Taipei, Taiwan it has become one of the city’s major attractions and the owner is now thinking of opening an entire network of restaurants all across Asia.
In the Toilet Restaurant everything makes you think only of…well a toilet. Clients sit on toilet bowl-shaped stools, eat their food out of dishes resembling male urinals, toilet bowls or bathtubs. Even the food itself is designed to look like…you know, and if you don’t check out the chocolate ice-cream in the photo. I for one wouldn’t go there to grab some grub, but apparently kids and teenagers love it.
I wonder what the toilets look like in the Toilet Restaurant, restaurants maybe?
Edible Excretions: Taiwan’s Toilet Resturant

4 ice cream toilet bowl?

The chocolate-swirl dessert that launched the Modern Toilet restaurant chain

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Falak Sher Khan January 13, 2010 at 11:13 am

hahaha, excellent, there should be like this one in Lahore too,

Chris Wardle February 5, 2010 at 7:50 am

I fell about laughing at this article – especially at the photo of chocolate ice-cream.
Can you please publish a follow up photo to answer the question on what the toilets in this restaurant look like?
Thanks in anticipation.


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