Blackberry; Blessing or Curse?

Written By: Kiran Jangda
Yesterday, I was trying to convince my friend to get his blackberry services activated, and not long into the conversation we started arguing about the pros and cons of BBM, which later got me thinking, is getting a blackberry really all that beneficial or are we just blinded by the latest trend?
When you come to think of it, BBM is actually a waste of your time, I mean yes it has its tempting advantages like we can keep in touch with our friends and family who live across the globe, share pictures instantly, be logged on to Facebook 24/7, at very cheap rates, it fast and very convenient for people working in the corporate world or any one who is working for that matter, but it is so addictive! They started calling them “crack berries” because once you start using them, you get so hooked you cannot let go. The users can be so enslaved to this device that they may need treatment like drug addicts do. They just might have to open up a rehabilitation center for blackberry users!
Regardless of how “harmful” it maybe, it is in fact the latest fad, long gone are the days when guys went up to girls and asked for their numbers or email addresses. It’s all about bb pins now, and the girls aren’t even resistant in giving out their pins because of the “oh he has a blackberry, he must be cool” stereotype created about blackberry users, us girls are very judge mental like that.
Fortunately or unfortunately I am one of the addicted blackberry users, and I’m not willing to let go, well not yet anyway. I personally feel that its not a disease, but the non blackberry users are convinced otherwise. Well, we’ll just have to learn to agree to disagree !

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