To Heaven

Written By: Sarah Ansari
She sat alone in the valley of Death,
lost, forelone and in despair.
Her heart blackened by the immense pain
it bore within it’s walls, and her soul,
broken, ripped into a million piece.
Yet there she was, breathing her last,
when suddenly she felt light and free
of all the burdens she carried.
How her heart fluttered, as this pure light
washed over her like day takes over night.
Her heart was now free from the shackles of
despair and grief, it beat with a new vigor.
She knew she was now standing at the pearly
gates of Heaven, waiting to be embraced and
welcomed, finally.
A smile came across her lips and she wondered,
if this was all real. She took a deep breath
and the light entered her very soul, mending it,
healing it, and she knew she was home.

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