Kim Kardashian Fans Are Irritated

It seems that Kim Kardashian fans want her to hurry up and show them a photo of baby North West already. They’re tired of waiting.
The reality star teased fans on Tuesday when she posted a Facebook picture (below) of herself holding a swaddled baby along with the caption “Love these precious moments… ” Although some fans were convinced the snap might be of her newborn bundle of joy, it’s reportedly a picture of Kourtney Kardashian‘s little one, Mason.

The post, however, elicited a social media backlash (over 3,500 comments to be exact), with fans posting comments on the post like this: “Kim get over yourself all you want is people to beg u… Quit being a snob… Can’t you be more like Kort & Kloh.”
And this: “Enough kim !! We already know this is not ur baby north west !! … U want millions of dollars just to see ur baby ? C’mom … Ur baby worth that money? Cuz i dont think so !!!”
She’ll introduce North West to the world when she’s good and ready, fans. And remember, when it comes to the art of deception, Kim got it from her mama.

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