Justin Bieber Makes One Girl's Dream Come True

Despite his recent run of bad behavior (see: bucket incident, paparazzi incident, driving incident, Anne Frank incident, and others), Justin Bieber’s fans are still as obsessed with the 19-year-old pop star as ever.
Justin Bieber took a fan’s iPhone and stuffed it down his leather drop-crotch pants, nestled firmly beside his boy bits, it might be her dream come true. Strangely enough, that exact scenario played out during Biebs’ show in Newark, New Jersey on Tuesday.
While Bieber was imploring the sold-out crowd to “refrain” — Biebs must have a word-of-the-day calendar — from throwing things on-stage, one fan tossed him her phone (because bras and underwear are so 20th century). Bieber proceeded to keep the cell in his pants — not his pocket, his pants.
The whole thing’s now on YouTube:

[youtube _wfHr_5uOaY]

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