Top 10 Ways to Revamp Life

Have you ever felt as though days were turning in to weeks and weeks in to months, as though you werent really living, just existing? Does your day seem like a constant repetition of the last, blending in to an array of boring nothingness? It is widely known the average American works a 9-5 schedule, which in most cases is convenient and fitting to their lifestyle. This schedule can make it easy to get yourself so involved in work you might not want to leave your comfort zone, or expand the familiarity of your day to day life. However, with summer at its peak and 2010 halfway gone, theres never been a better time to bring a little spontaneity and thrill in to your 9-5 workday.
1.) Give yourself a makeover! You dont have to be on TLCs What Not to Wear to improve your overall look. Something as simple as getting a new hair cut can change your entire appearance for the better. Go to target and get some eye shadow in a color youve never tried before, or try out that bright nail polish. Maybe try getting a spray tan to give you a summer glow. No, spray tans arent just for The Girls Next Door, and if done correctly can look beautifully natural.
2.) Redecorate Your Room! Other than the workplace your room is probably the place you spend the most time in. Get rid of those dreary curtains that you hung a couple years ago and hang up some funky new art pieces. Maybe get some new bedding and fun decorative pillows.
3.) Be a Tourist in your own Town! So many people are clueless as to what their town has to offer. Take a day off work and pretend that you are a tourist. Visit the tourist booth and attend shows and hot spots close by, youd be surprised to find out all the attractions your own town has to offer. Dont be afraid to try that Greek Restaurant that you always pass on your way to work!
4.) Plan a Party! Planning something is always important because it gives you something to look forward to, and the chance to show off your creative side. Pick a theme for the party and play up the invites and food accordingly. Not only do you get a chance to have fun with friends but possibly make some new ones. You can even make it a monthly event (making sure to pass around the role of host).
5.) Talk to that Guy or Girl in the Office! You have to admit that life is always a little more exciting when there is that special someone just a text away. Take a chance and talk to your crush, making sure to get his/her number. Dont be afraid to make a move, because if they turn you down you arent any worse off. You just might find a special someone!
6.) Switch up your Grocery List! Go ahead and buy that flax seed rye bread thats always at your local grocery. Sticking to your usual list of food only adds to the boredom of your day. Find some new recipes and create the dishes, sharing your outcome with friends and family. Youll be excited to look in your closets and see a wide array of foods youve always been curious to try.
7.) Join a Gym! Whether you need to lose weight or not, exercise at the start of your day will motivate you in your work and personal life. Maybe your not a weight-lifting mile-running athlete, but try signing up for a yoga or spin class. Youll begin to feel better about yourself and youre not hurting your health either!
8.) Research the Places you want to Visit. Weve all dreamed of standing underneath the Eifel Tower in Paris or riding in a gondola in Italy, make these trips a reality. It might be too pricy to go on a ten city venture in Europe, but go ahead and research places in driving distance during your downtime at work. Look at airplane tickets, the possibility of dates that you can go, and attractions. It will give you something to look forward to and a needed break when you take it!
9.) Call an Old Friend! Whats your college roomie or old fling up to? Give them a call and set a lunch date. You might be surprised to find out where their life has taken them and what they have been up to! Or even just call an old friend in your contacts and chat. Im sure theyll be happy to hear from you as well!
10.) Subscribe to a Magazine! Even if youre not in to all that sex advice that Cosmopolitan has to offer, theres plenty of magazine genres out there for every person. Subscribe to InStyle and update your own personal look. Its something fun to get in the mail every month. Its also a wonderful way to unwind at the end of the day if your looking for an alternative to TV

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