Beat out your bad side

Written By: Hafsa Shorish
We all have some annoying and exasperating habits that hinder us from developing into confident, balanced and refined individuals. There are certain things that we do all the time without even realizing how they are hurting us or making us weak from inside. We all are beautiful with some ugly downsides. We all have some common habits which are often disliked and discouraged by others. We find these practices as ordinary and run-of -the-mill things that we do but shy away from considering them as anything that could be disruptive to our lifestyles. I will try to shed light upon those routines which are often not even discussed upon because they are usually considered inconsequential and trivial. Well there are so many oblivious teenagers out there who think that nail-biting is totally harmless and they just do it whenever they are stressed out. There are hundred and one ways through which lots of people out there would justify nail-biting as nothing more than an ephemeral habit which goes away with time but the reality seems to be pretty different. Nail-biting actually is quite a painful and embarrassing experience for some who are unable to control it when they are feeling anxious and apprehensive. Moreover, it can lead to lack of self-assurance in individuals as they are ashamed of even shaking hand with others due the repulsive sight of their fingernails.
“According to the statistics and studies done on nail biting, 28-33% of children ages 7-10 years old, 44% of adolescents, 19-29% of young adults and 5% of older adults (like me) are nail biters. One study showed 45-60% of children between the ages of 8 to 11 have a habit of biting their nails, which tends to peak between the ages of 10 and 18.” Well we need not to be gloomy and cast dismal shadows on ourselves. Nail biting can surely be cured. Firstly, we need to find the specific cause; if it is anxiety which is often the case then we have to deal with it. We need to calm ourselves down and avoid being fretful unnecessarily. Furthermore, we can put on some nail polish or a cream with a bitter taste which would stop us from nibbling on our nails.
Thus the next bad habit that I will delve upon is being anxious. We all have our worries and thus we all get foiled and frustrated at times but that does not mean we end up being like that all the time. If somebody gets uneasy and edgy at little things in their daily lives then that is categorically not a very good sign because people prefer staying away from such people because nobody likes taking in a lot of negative vibes every now and then. Therefore, in order to make the environment vigorous and blissful for ourselves and for the people around us we ought to cave in our off-putting energy. It would be unrealistic to believe that we all show off our pearly whites in a genuine manner 24/7 but yes we can absolutely make an effort to be less panicky. There are several ways to deal with our problems instead of getting overwrought about them.
Being jealous is one thing that we all detest but there are many of us who feel jealous most of the times due to several reasons. It is indeed a natural phenomenon to get jealous but to let get jealousy out of control is undeniably in our own hands. Extreme jealousy often leads to self-destructive behaviour and can be an outcome of personality disorders or insecurities. Unfortunately, some people are quite elusive about their inner most feelings and they repeatedly harbour meaningless grudges and get spiteful of people who have got what they themselves lack or simply fabricate stories to disrespect others out of pure contempt. If we do not have what we desire for then that does not give us a license to start wishing ill to those who do possess those things. Jealousy is one such human trait which is never appreciated and that is rightly done so because it just eats away people’s values and compels them to indulge in disgraceful activities. Hence, we all need to value ourselves, stay stable and feel sheltered about our commodities.
Being lazy is one of the most grueling habits one can get hold of. Laziness is more like a disease which seeps in us and makes us frail and devastated beings. It kills in us the drive to lead or succeed. Laziness is something that we intentionally impose on ourselves because the simple reason is that we are just too sluggish to do things on time. We keep on postponing our work and that results in sheer negligence on our part. Furthermore, we end up missing out on important deadlines and keep on lagging behind from our peers. Indolence is an attitude which can bog us down and obstruct us from achieving our goals.
Emotional eating does not do us any good at all. We usually start stuffing in food when we are depressed, bored or worried. Eating out of utter emotional imbalance can surely just enhance our waistlines and take us to the path to obesity. Emotional eating is a real problem because it means that our emotions are dictating us how much and what to eat. Thus, we tend to fall for foods which are unhealthy and detrimental for us. In order to put a halt at this habit, we need to overcome our weaknesses and look for some other productive alternatives when we feel strained. We need to put our minds into positive and healthy activities. There is no sci-fi technology required or we do not need to invent new games to keep us busy. We can simply talk to a close friend, go for a nice walk, listen to pleasant music, read an interesting book or watch a good flick. There are plenty of ways through which we can divert our attention from something that is bothering us. Surrendering to emotional eating is not a solution to any trouble. Moreover it only adds to the mess and then there comes a point when we become slaves to our sentiments.  We should never cage ourselves to anything that is harmful to us in the long run.
Arguing can be defined in many ways. It has both negative and positive connotations but a person who argues a lot is usually the one who is looked down upon and is not considered to be sane or sensible. A large number of people argue only for the sake of arguing or maybe because they plainly enjoy patronizing others. Then there are some people who argue without having any prior knowledge regarding the topic under discussion and thus they are only good at making sweeping statements which lack factual evidence.
Thus we all have some issues and concerns which ought to be addressed as soon as possible. We all should look deeper into ourselves and try to figure out who we really are and what we really want to be. The personas that we carry are the reflections of our words and deeds. Therefore, we all need to make a list of our habits and put an x mark infront of the things that we consider are merely futile and serve us no good. We have got to save ourselves from falling into our own loopholes.

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