Top 10 Gifts A Man Shouldn't Buy His Girlfriend

When it comes to buying gifts for girlfriends, we know that most guys are like lost sheep; they simply have no idea what to buy. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 things NOT to buy to guide all those lost boyfriends out there.

1. Kitchen Appliance:
This may have been okay in the 50’s, but come on, it’s the 2000’s now and women have strayed far and wide from the kitchen. Giving a girl a new blender or mop will be offensive and say “get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich.”
2. New Diet Plan: Girls thought this was obvious but, trust me, it happens everyday. Giving a girl an extensive diet plan will suggest that you want her to change her body. She’ll secretly freak out that she’s too fat and you’ll have ruined her ego forever. Forever.

3. Drugstore Chocolates:
This gift is thoughtless and insincere. Anyone can go in to their local Walmart and buy a box of chocolates for $6.00 and NO, it’s not the thought that counts. If you have to give her chocolates, go somewhere nice like Godiva and hand pick her favorites.

4. Money:
What are you, her grandfather? Never, ever give your girlfriend a card with money for any sort of occasion. It’s awkward and weird.

5. Acne or Wrinkle Cream System:
There’s nothing worse than opening a birthday gift and finding a month’s supply of “Proactiv.” She’ll worry that her skin is unbearably bad and will refuse to be seen in public. Not only that, but she’ll also assume that think her skin is bad, and her self confidence will be lowered unbelievably.

6. Flowers:
Flowers are so cliché. While they might seem sweet at the time, they’ll quickly lose their romance when they wilt and die three days later. Be creative…flowers are not creative.

7. Lingerie:
Getting your girlfriend a sexy little “outfit” for her birthday is more of a gift for YOU than it is for her. She’ll think you’re selfish and degrading. You’re much better off buying her a bouquet of roses.

8. Wax:
Whether it be eyebrow wax or bikini wax, anything that implies what she’s already doing isn’t good enough is a horrible birthday present. If you buy her a day at the spa, maybe she’ll take the initiative to take care of her hair issues, but if not, it’s not your place to tell her she needs to.

9. A Gym Membership:
Once again, this gift suggests that she needs to change something about her appearance in order to please you. She’ll feel bad about herself, all because of you!

10. Nothing:
This is the most awful gift (or lack thereof) that you could ever get a girlfriend. If anything, buy her a heartfelt card or make her dinner. Practically anything is better than getting her nothing at all.
Buying gifts for girls is hard, and girls understand that! But the simplest of gifts can mean the world for girls: a mix CD, a homecooked dinner, or a picnic are all heartfelt ways to show to her that you appreciate and value her company, and want to make her birthday special!

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