Pink debut's 'F**kin' Perfect' Music Video

Pink has a message for her yet-to-be-born child: you’re “F–kin’ Perfect”.
Pink’s upcoming music video for her single “F**kin’ Perfect” has been teased in a snippet. It features a woman on the bed recalling her younger year when she got bullied by her peer. When she tried to stand up for herself, she was caught by her teacher who mistakenly saw her as the bully, not the victim.
Co-produced and co-written by Max Martin, “F**kin’ Perfect” is the second single from Pink’s latest compilation “Greatest Hits… So Far!!!” which has been released since November 2010. From a party girl, the “Get the Party Started” hitmaker has now evolved to a woman full of motivational spirit.
She first led the greatest hits collection with empowering single “Raise Your Glass” which salutes the underdogs, before continuing with “F**kin’ Perfect”. In this second single, she pleads her fans to be comfortable in their own skin.
The music video opens with a sex scene and later shows the visibly pregnant Pink singing as footage of a girl being bullied, taking drugs, shoplifting and slashing the word “perfect” in her arm in a bath tub plays.  Watch at your own risk..

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