No 9 not lucky for Vinnie anymore

She consulted her numerologist before launching her lawn line two years ago and V9 was born. But according to Vaneeza, nine isn’t working its magic anymore and getting rid of all numeric connotations, she’s decided to design under the label V-Lawn. She also added that she is not associated with V9 anymore.
With her interest drifting towards V-Lawn (V-Embroidery, V-Men and V-Khaadi are expected to follow suit), the label seems to have lost the person responsible for its ‘identity’.
Vaneeza says she will officially launch the first V-Lawn collection in the first week of April. Incidentally, that is also when Rizwan Beyg plans to launch his lawn collection! With an increasing number of designers heading in the ‘lawn’ direction, one can’t help but wonder: Is lawn the latest fashion inspiration?

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