Men In China Bear Their Gut To Beat the Heat

In the sweltering heat of summer, when the refreshing breezes desert the city, Hu Lianqun absent-mindedly reaches for a solution: He rolls up his shirt to expose his belly, often fanning himself with the garment to create his own air conditioning.
LISTEN | Ryan Describes China’s Gut-Bearing Men

From the countryside to sophisticated urban centers such as Beijing, men of all ages, social standing and stomach sizes resort to a public display of skin, a hot-weather fashion faux pas that’s the Chinese equivalent of knee-high black socks with shorts.

They’re known as bang ye, or “exposing grandfathers”(despite their age range). In the hottest weather, bang ye seem to be everywhere, striding among the tall buildings in Beijing’s business district, playing chess in parks, holding children’s hands at the zoo and negotiating crowded alleyways.
Via Ryan Seacrest

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