Activities To Do At Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is always time to celebrate and remember the people you love and care about. Sometimes, amongst the cooking and preparation of making a beautiful Thanksgiving, it’s hard to remember the essential role of the holiday. Here is a list of things to do to remember how to bring the “thanks” in Thanksgiving.
1. The Grateful Game
Pass a bowl around the Thanksgiving table, with pieces of paper with Thanksgiving questions such as, “What are you grateful for?” or “What do you love the most about (INSERT NAME HERE)?” With all the positive affirmations said around the table, it is sure to be a harmonious dinner.
2. Place Cards With Positive Quotes
At each place setting, put a positive quote which people have each read out loud, which can then lead to a discussion which can not only be positive but enlightening.
3. Create Your Own Turkey Contest
With pine cones and other art and craft items, have a “Create Your Own Turkey” contest. The winner does not have to do the dishes.
4.  Dance Party Clean Up
Let’s admit it, doing the dishes is rather annoying on Thanksgiving however, make it more enjoyable by blasting some music from each generation. This will not only get everyone in a good mood, but it’s always fun to watch drunk Grandma busting a move while another family member is reenacting a terrible dance move they did in college.
5.  The Nice Word
Give each member of the family a piece of paper and pen then instruct them to write one nice word about each person at the table and pass put it in a bowl. Later on, you can all read each one out loud. It’s always fun when someone gets the same word twice.

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