Nine-Month-Old Baby Is Accused Of Planning A Murder In Pakistan!
This makes no sense.
Nine-month-old baby Muhammad Mosa Khan is being charged with planning the murder of security officers in Lahore, Pakistan. The child is among 30 people who were charged with planning to murder the officers by throwing stones at them.
Call us crazy, but we’re pretty sure a nine-month-old can barely even walk, let alone throw a lethal stone.
But there Baby Muhammad was in court, sitting on his accused father’s lap anyway. Thankfully, he got bail, because chances are really good that this tiny human being is not an actual threat, and he won’t be back in court until April 12th.
Punjab’s Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has stepped in though, and will take “stern-action” against the people who charged the baby. One of those men is the assistant superintendent, and he has been suspended.
Anyone with that much lack of discernment doesn’t need to be in a position of power at all! He was going to potentially ruin a baby’s life!
And believe it or not, all of this was over protesting an electricity shortage.

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