Meet Prince George Of Cambridge

It’s no secret that England has a rich history, with many monarchs taking their names from those who went before them.
So, it wasn’t hugely surprising that Kate Middleton and Prince William chose the name George, since it was Queen Elizabeth’s father’s name and Prince Charles’s fourth name.
However, the couple has insisted that they didn’t name their baby boy after William’s great grandfather, which makes sense since his name was actually Albert and he went by Bertie, though his father was also named George.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge said they just like the name, and spent some time making sure it fit their son.
There are still some other big historical reasons they could have chosen this moniker!
Like the fact that the very first King George took the throne in 1714, and St. George is also the country’s patron saint.
Baby Prince George will be the third person with this name from the House of Windsor to take the throne, however, he won’t be the first Prince George of Cambridge.
That honor went to the grandson of George III, and he was known for marrying a common woman, actress Sarah Louisa Fairbrother, who already had two of his children when they finally got hitched. Then he went out and got himself a mistress.
Once the baby grows up and takes the crown though, Prince George could opt to go by one of his other names. If he chooses to become King Alexander, he would be the first one to rule over the whole British empire.
Louis may have been chosen because of One Direction Lord Mountbatten, who is Prince Phillip’s late uncle.
In all, six Georges have ruled in England and Prince of Cambridge will make the seventh someday.
Phew! That’s a lot of history, but isn’t it fun to know the origin of something?

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