Johnny Depp Hangs Out With Ed Sheeran and One Direction's Zayn Malik

Well, this is an unexpected surprise. Johnny Depp hung out with Ed Sheeran and One Direction’s Zayn Malik at a recording studio in LA earlier this week sparking speculation that the legendary actor is working on a musical project with the young pop stars.
Alexander DeLeon, member of the band The Cab posted an Instagram of himself posing with the boy band singer and Depp, captioning the photo, “pirate lessons from the one and only. thanks for having us, mr. depp.” Hmmm, what are you four up to?
What we really want to know is if Depp plans on making his epic return to the music world? Remember, in Depp’s early days he dreamed of rock stardom and even played in several garage bands. Plus, he’s planning on retiring from acting soon so getting back to the music would probably make post-retirement sense. Our fingers are crossed.

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