Jackie Chan Working On A Musical On His Life

Martial arts legend Jackie Chan is adapting his best-selling memoir for the stage.
The Rush Hour star is working on a musical version of his 1998 autobiography I Am Jackie Chan: My Life In Action, which chronicles the lives of his parents, his early education at the Peking Opera School and his rise to stardom.
The stage adaptation will focus on his early youth, his time spent performing acrobatics with the children’s performance group the Seven Little Fortunes and his mission to step out from behind the shadow of the martial arts icon Bruce Lee.
Speaking about the project at the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in New York, Chan told reporters, “We are looking for a director for the musical right now. It’s all very exciting.”
The actor also revealed he is currently working on a follow-up to his autobiography, tentatively titled, I Am Still Jackie Chan, adding, “The original book was 15 years ago, and my career has been very, very exciting and interesting since then.”

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