Climate rants

Autumn is here to bring relief to ever ungrateful man from the scorching summer. Soon it will be winter and he’ll be complaining about the cold and longing for summer again.
Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.  I like to sit on the grass at FJ Park in the afternoon to enjoy the perfect weather. But this year is different, and, I’m afraid, things will never be the same. At the back of my head, is the nervousness about the recent terror that has been created in the capital. I avoid going out as much as possible, and when I do, I eventually get stuck in some queue at the police checkpoints, and wonder how many cars ahead of me an ‘incident’ would take out if it were to happen now. And when it’s my turn to be ‘checked’, I see a fear in their eyes too and feel a slight sympathy for them. We can curse the terrorists all we want, but thinking about it now, it was us that chose this enemy when the 9/11 tragedy happened.

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