Pink isnt just a color, Its an Attitude!

Written by Ahmad Babar
Ladies and Gentlemen (I know you all are reading this but aren’t willing to admit it *implied smile*),
I will be very honest about my association with “Pink”. I was signed up by fraud. There you go, I said it. I was deceived into joining the team and only after I had joined in was I told that the name’s going to be “Pink” and its going to be for you ladies (and you guys as well). Now you must be wondering that why I didn’t leave, well, there are some reasons that I can share with you and some that I can’t *innocent smile*, though mind you, I am straight.
“Pink” is not only going to be a fun magazine but it will also be something we all can relate to. Every one of us goes through various stages and phases in our lives and when we sit and discuss them, they are all virtually similar. They might happen under varying circumstances but in essence they all revolve around similar themes. What we want to do is to give you all a chance to share what you have been through with others and try to take the positives from what the rest of us go through.
“Pink” is pink, not only in the context of the background colors or the fonts and textures, but in every manner imaginable. It is a magazines for the young girls of Pakistan, (and by that we are not discriminating as we believe that being young is not being a particular age but is rather a state of mind and heart), yet it will also enable the boys to better understand girls, to know how they should be around them and what is expected of them. In order to achieve this, Pink will have a team on not only girls writing for Pink but rather a few bold male souls like yours truly as well. We will draw from our own experiences and those which we have observed and try to help and entertain you. All in name of the greater good.
“Pink” will cover what you expect of every run of the mill girls’ magazine yet it will have an added touch. It will provide all of you girls with guys’ take on your issues and interests. We will try and tell you what a guy expects of you, what a guy actually looks for in a girl and what he thinks about the different fashion trends.
There’s a lot on its way to buckle up people! Happy reading. Stay Pink!!
WARNING: Too much exposure of the color pink in guys is injurious to their health and relationship prospects though “Pink” will increase these by multifold!!

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Amna M. January 5, 2010 at 2:34 am

lol good stuff
all the best guys!


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