Protein Shakes

Written By: Kiran Jangda
It has been said that women should not drink protein shakes because they aid the muscle building process, and girls will end up looking like female wrestlers! This however is a common misconception. Protein shakes are highly beneficial for men and women both.
When you work out, your body avails a lot of energy and you sometimes tend to strain your muscles, in order to complete the weight loss process, and to get maximum results without compromising your health you need to add protein shakes to your diet so that your muscles can repair and recover efficiently.
However, if you drink protein shakes without exercising your muscles in a good work out, they will have an adverse effect. This does not mean that you limit your diet to protein shakes only; you need diversity to keep going. For instance you can have protein bars one day and shakes the other and a well-cooked chicken the next. Nonetheless protein intake is a must.
Women need to burn carbohydrates for energy, and when a woman chooses to eat a high protein diet with minimal carbs, her metabolism starts to burn fat. This process is more commonly known as Ketosis. Women have reported to have a decreased appetite once there body has reaches this Ketosis. Rest assured, there is no harm in drinking protein shakes ladies, they aren’t steroids!

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