Wife calls police to nab her snoring husband

A wife got so tired of her husband’s snoring that she tried to get him arrested so she could get a decent night’s sleep.
The South Carolina woman called police deputies complaining that her husband was snoring too loudly and wouldn’t stop.
According to a police report, the wife – who has not been named to protect her blushes – had tried to go to sleep but his incessant snorts and rumblings were impossible to ignore.
In an infuriating predicament that women around the world will know only too well, all attempts to prod and nudge and move her slumbering lover failed to shut him up.
She eventually woke him up and ordered him to go to another room.
But by that time the damage had been done and she could not get back to sleep.
What’s worse, she could still hear her husband from the other room.
It was then that women finally lost her temper, storming into the other room and launching a foul-mouthed tirade at her husband.
When the argument escalated she threatened to call the police over his snoring.
The police report noted that the husband at first let her ring the police – but then had second thoughts about the authorities arriving.
The report said the man left the Duncan, South Carolina, house before police arrived, apparently telling his wife that it would ‘take a SWAT team to bring me in’.
Police treated the call as a domestic argument and no charges were laid.

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