What girls want and don't want in a guy

Written By: Kiran Jangda
After what seemed to be endless hours of surfing through Google for a thought-provoking topic for my next article, it hit me that I don’t need Google, what I actually need is Facebook! I decided to do a little virtual survey and ask my girlfriends what attracts them towards a guy and the features they would find repugnant.
As shallow and tragic as it may be but the truth is that we judge a guy by his physical attributes. It just takes one glance, and if we like what we see then we just might give him the chance to allure us by his charisma (if he as any) Some women may outright deny this, but that’s just our female impulse talking so you really cannot blame us for doing so.
So back to the survey, what I gathered from all the answers is that what most girls want in a guy is that he can dress well, and by dress well I mean he has class not some metro-sexual chap who takes longer to dress than we do! He should be able to make us laugh with his witty sense of humor, should wear a fortified scent and last but not least he should have admirable communication skills, confidence goes a long way boys!
Now what we find undoubtedly repulsive is bad odor, deodorant is not an option it’s a necessity! Some girls actually said bad teeth! So I suggest you boys should go visit the dentist every once in a while. Shabby clothes is a big no-no, the hobo look doesn’t do any one any good, so I’d rather steer clear of that. A bad sense of humor is a major turn off, there is a very thin line between smutty jokes and offensive jokes, be aware of that line and stay within it, for the sake of your reverence and of the girl you are trying so hard to impress.
There is an infinite list of what girls want and don’t want in their guy but this should be enough to get our attention in a positive light. As they say you should never judge a book by its cover, but they also say that the first impression is the last impression so make yours count boys!

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