Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Here a list of the most romantic gifts to give and things to day this Valentines Day:
1 ) The most common is couples who choose to marry on Valentines Day. Some do it in their hometowns while some more adventurous prefer the Sin City – Vegas.
2 ) How about cooking that special dish – if you choose to spend the day at home as it’s a Sunday.
3 ) Or why not opt for the classic – Take your partner shopping to his/ her favorite boutique
4 ) A step ahead – get yourself a makeover and surprise your partner with the new you for a romantic dinner night out.
5 ) For the little adventurous, get the same tattoo wherever you like (wink – wink)
6 ) For your girl friend or wife, you can buy her the best perfume or a life size teddy bear. Its conventional but eternal.
7 ) Let’s not forget diamonds.  Nowadays diamonds are a girl’s as well as a man’s best friend.
8 ) And yes the most cliché, a bouquet of red roses.
9 ) If you love to celebrate your V-Day with a group of friends, why not go camping together with color coded tracks and/or t-shirts.
10 ) How about gifting a box full of handmade soaps with soothing fragrances
11 ) And yes, dark chocolates go really well with Irish coffee
These are a few ideas I thought I can share with you. As for THE DAY, what can be more special than spending time with your loved one? Here’s wishing you a very happy and warm Valentine’s Day.

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