Taylor Swift Breaks A Heart In Her 'Back To December' Video

What happens when you break the heart of a hunky-looking dude who resembles a “Twilight” character and you regret it? Well, if you’re Taylor Swift, it snows in your straight-out-of-an-Anthropologie-catalog bedroom as you write a breakup letter for your ex-beau. That’s the basic plot for Taylor Swift’s just-released “Back to December” video.
In Swift’s clip for “Mine,” her lead single off her massive album Speak Now, the singer proved that she was no longer that girl who sang about proms and cheerleaders. Instead, she sang about finding love, getting married and having a family. Here, in her darker, more somber clip (despite all the early morning sun) for “Back to December,” Swift is breaking up with someone, an image we don’t usually associate with the singer.
Looking almost sultry in bedhead hair, cozy sweater and a boyfriend T-shirt, Swift looks morose as she contemplates breaking it off with her good-looking boyfriend. Shots of the singer sitting in a bathtub clothed, on her kitchen counter (perhaps a nod to the “Mine” video fight scene) and on her bed singing the song are intercut with those of the actor who plays Swift’s love interest driving in his car, presumably away from Swift’s suburban mansion, and sitting alone on a football field, perhaps regretting letting Swift get away so easily.
The video was directed by Yoann Lemoine, who did Katy Perry’s equally dreamy, equally girly clip for “Teenage Dream.” The video ends with Swift in her snowy home while the ex-boyfriend finds her breakup letter in his coat pocket as he sits alone in the bleachers. The song is rumored to be about the demise of Swift’s relationship with “Twilight” heartthrob Taylor Lautner.
It’s to be noted that the video was released on January 13 — as Swift fans know, 13 is the singer’s lucky number. Snow has also been the theme in Swift’s live performances of this song, a natural fit given that the song is about December.

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