Selena Gomez Brings ‘Come and Get It’ to MTV’s Movie Awards

 shocked us with the release of her new single “.” With obvious inclusions of Indian percussion’s and a featured Hindi vocalist, Selena goes international with her sound. While the song builds traction, Selena takes it next level with a performance at last night’s .
Another artist inspired by the sounds and colors of India and it’s teen pop sensation Selena Gomez. Her new single “Come and Get It,” produced by Stargate, is sexy and exotic number featuring Hindi and Indian percussion; Selena showed us a new side to her artistry at the MTV Movie Awards with a splash of Desi culture.
Selena made her entrance on stage in a red, cut dress and dupatta for drama. We then saw her disheveled her, stunning bindi, anklets and the song’s Hindi and Indian percussion filled the theater. Sticking to her Indian vision, Selena’s accompanying dancers rocked their bindis and the choreography embodied bharatnatym hand gestures and Middle Eastern hip pops.
Fatima Robinson is the choreographer behind the performance, which is clean and effective. Selena commented, ““I love dancing. I love the feel of the song and the tribal feel, so I wanted to incorporate that, so I just wanted a fresh take on what, you know, the new chapter is for me. So I’m excited,” just before the show. With sweat on her brow and moments where she caught her breath, Selena truly did push herself to new limits with this performance.
While the choreography for the performance embodied more of an “Arabian Nights” feel, there are moments that scream “India” with references to the Goddess Kali. Selena said that Britney Spears inspired her when it came to creating her show. “My favorite MTV performance for any of the awards would be Britney’s I’m a Slave 4 U. I just loved it. I thought it was super-iconic, and she owned that stage. The routine was impeccable. She looked beautiful. It was kind of when she had her transitioning moment, and that definitely inspired me for this one, for sure,” Selena shared.
Watch Selena Gomez’s Indian inspired performance of “Come and Get It” and let us know if you think she owned the performance or was out of her comfort zone.

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