Quick Shopping Advice

Written by: Alina Naghman

Quick Shopping Advice:
Try it on! Make sure you look great from all angles of the mirror in the try room.
Stick to a list! Stay with the pieces that will fill out your wardrobe, no matter how great ‘a deal’ some garment seems, or how trendy it is.
Don’t wait until the last minute to shop! Never shop the day before an event. You are bound to make a big mistake. Of course, those last minute events do occasionally occur. Just be prepared with a basic outfit that needs only a little accessorizing.
Always stay fresh and look your best. This is so important because if you do not look good to yourself, everything you try on will appear horrible. If you are not fresh enough and not well dressed, even the lowest of the low will look better to you as compared to what you already have on.
Shop Alone! Your friends can talk you into a less than flattering look and sales people can be just plain annoying. When one of them starts following you around the shop, simply explain that you need to be alone. It is important to sort through your wardrobe needs.
It works every time!

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