Preity Zinta Loses Her Cool

The Bollywood dimpled babe allegedly created a ruckus at India’s Ahmedabad airport after she was denied permission to board the flight for arriving late
The usually polite and well spoken  failed to control her anger and got into a heated argument with Air India staffers, a newspaper report states. It’s learnt that the petite babe was in Ahmedabad for the promotion of her upcoming film , and reached the Sardar Vallabbhai Patel International Airport to catch the Ahmedabad-Mumbai flight scheduled for 9.45 pm.
However, Zinta (for reasons best known to her) arrived after the aircraft closed its doors and was about to take off. Like any other passenger, she was denied permission to board the flight as she had arrived extremely late. The furious actor got into a tiff with the airline officials and is said to have created a big scene. The Kings Eleven Punjab co-owner finally managed to get on to the 4 am flight to Mumbai.
Come on Preity don’t lose your cool. After all rules are rules!

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