Jaden Smith Is Not Allowed To Date

Hollywood actor , who features with his son  in ‘‘, has advised his boy to stay away from girlfriends.
‘Probably the best advice he’s ever given me is, ‘Don’t have a girlfriend’,’ said Jaden, 14. Will laughed off his son’s statement, and said the advice is ‘for now’.
‘At this point, I just want him to establish his dreams, establish his desires. Find out who he is. And blending with another person is very difficult, and a lot of times you can lose yourself in that process. So my encouragement to him is to be honest with anybody that he interacts with. Don’t make commitments that a 14-year-old can’t live up to,’ the worried father said in a statement.
‘After Earth’, the father-son duo bring to life a strained relationship that unfolds in a world set 1,000 years in the future – after cataclysmic events have forced humanity’s migration from the planet.

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