Meera's Wedding Twist

Meera’s fairy tale wedding has more than just those two twists of Attiqur Rahman hindering in between and losing the gift watch of her fiance on the day of the engagement. This time is even bigger a hurdle. Naveed Shahzad’s father, Raja Khalid is against them both getting married.
The reason being simple, he does not think Meera to be fit for his son. He called her a fraud and a cheat who deceived his son. According to the Express News, Raja Khalid said that Meera never revealed that she had been married once before and that her case is still in court.
Furthermore, Raja Khalid accused Meera of taking away around $400,000 from Naveed Shahzad. Things will not be taken lightly by Raja Khalid and he has decided to even file an FIR against Meera for getting back the money.

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