Louis Tomlinson doesn’t like the name of “One Direction”

After enjoying several years of success with the biggest boyband of the world Tomlinson revealed that he’s not a fan of One Directions name.

After eight years he came back to the stage where this all started. But this time he came as a judge. He was the new judge on the “X Factor UK” alongside Robbie, Ayda and his mentor Simon Cowell.

It didn’t take long for Tomlinson to talk about One Direction. “You know what the thing is with a name, none of us were really a fan of One Direction. I mean it’s a pretty corny name.” Said Tomlinson when a band named “No Label” came to perform.

Unlike One Direction, the band turned out to be a disaster and Simon as usual was the first one to bash.

“That was horrendous but the good thing is you will never have to do this again, there is no market.” He said.

“Everything we’ve just seen is almost everything we were trying to avoid in One Direction. Was that too harsh.” Said Tomlinson.

The Back to You singer was very excited to be back on the show after a gap of eight years. Eight years in which he became to the household name. He said that he was a “cocky little s***” when he first came to the show.

“I’m conscious about the way I’ve changed in the eight years since I was on the show. I’ve group up fast, because I now have a lot of responsibility on my shoulders.

“When I first came into the band, or when I was 17 say, a year before the band, I was cocky little s***.” He added.

Last eight years were very tough for Tomlinson as he became a father and he also lost his mother who was only 43 years old.

“After everything that’s happened to me, I’ve quietened down a bit. The experiences I’ve had have forced me to grow up fast. I mean, I can still party. I’d still drink you under the table, don’t worry about that.” He said.

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