Selena Gomez To Quit Music

Selena Gomez is on the music side, promoting her new album Stars Dance, and the former Disney star is looking forward to going back to the acting side.
“I’m a woman so I change my mind all the time,” Selena said during a press conference for her new film Getaway. (Not that men don’t change their minds all the time, too… “One day I want to do acting and just that, and then other times I just want to do music and just that, so it changes. … But this is my last record for a while. I’m going to tour it and then I’m going to just kind of get into acting for a really long period of time, hopefully.”
Selena, who just turned 21, was on Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place from 2007 to 2012. She got very adult with her recent film Spring Breakers, and she got to do an action movie with Getaway.
What do you think of Selena maybe picking acting over music, in the future? What kind of roles do you think she’d be good for? A romantic comedy? Another action movie? Summer superhero movie?

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