Karachi in style

Written by: Manal Faheem Khan
The fashion scene in Karachi is expanding at such a rate that sometimes it’s difficult to catch up with all the latest trends. There are so many options available and so many outlets that are opening up in this busy city that it can take up to an entire month to simply visit every shop there is. However, the more the merrier, therefore us Karachiites are happy with the amount of variety and accessibility of local and international brands.
One such brand that is now within our reach is Accessorize, that has opened up its first outlet in Karachi. Though the first city to have the honor was Lahore. This shop is located on the second floor of Park Towers, amid all the other popular ‘hangouts’ for shop-a-holics, some of which include Maria B, Mantra and Khaadi.
Keeping that in mind, the shop still manages to immediately catch one’s attention as the large words ‘Accessorize’ attempt to escape from the board and one catches a glimpse of all the lights and the vibrant colors that have been splashed around inside.
On the day of its opening, the entrance was overflowing with all types of women entering and exiting, and it was almost difficult to step in. However, once inside, there was a massive display of an ensemble of accessories: from handbags to bangles, and even sunglasses. They even had some very gorgeous clutches, and some very fashionable skirts and tops as well.
However, one drawback of this huge collection is that the objects seemed over-priced, and this was the thought on the minds of other women too (I ‘accidentally’ overheard a few). As compared to the prices you find on outlets that are abroad, the bags and shades here were pretty expensive, which resulted in quite a few of us leaving the place empty handed. It is good to have more international brands being available, but I guess it’s even better for those who can afford these goodies.

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