Imran Khan the New Face of Pepsi?

Bhangra sensation Imran Khan is always hard at work! He is currently on tour in Pakistan where he has performances and meet and greets all lined-up. And now rumors have it Imran Khan has signed on to become the new brand ambassador for Pepsi Pakistan! Wow! What a deal! And which brand wouldn’t want Imran as the face of their product?
In 2007, Imran released his single “Ni Nachle.” The song became an instant hit and a true summer anthem. Imran was not at all expecting the response he received and therefore was not prepared with a complete album. The Bhangra boy quickly headed to the studio and began looking for a record label. A couple of years later, Imran Khan released his second single “Amplifier,” which again took him to the top of the charts and gave us another summer anthem.

Shortly after, the singer released his album Unforgettable and people are still jamming to those tunes. With each new single, Imran Khan dominates the charts as we saw with “Bewafa.” The emotional song may have seemed like an unlikely hit, but fans chose the song to be Imran Khan’s single and he kindly obliged.
For his next single, Imran is set to shoot a video for the song “Pata Chalgea.” Unfortunately, last season the singer sustained some serious injuries on his way home from Dubai. After taking a much needed break to recover, Imran is now back on the road and performing in Pakistan!
On June 4 the star tweeted “Just landed at Karachi airport.” Clearly Imran has been really busy since no tweets have followed. But the buzz is that Imran Khan has just signed a deal with Pepsi Pakistan and will be the new face of the brand! That is great news for Imran Khan; we just hope he can fit everything in to his already busy schedule!
Let us know what you think of Imran Khan becoming the face of Pepsi Pakistan. Will he make a good brand ambassador?

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