Daddy’s Little Girl

Written by: Kiran Jangda
As kids, we are often asked “Who do you love more, your mommy or your daddy?” I don’t know what these adults are thinking when they ask us such rhetorical questions; we obviously love both our parents just as much. The question they should be asking is that who are we closer to? It is a known and accepted fact that girls are closer to their dads and boys to their moms.
This theory may have a justification as simple as Newton’s law; opposites attract or it could have a more profound rationale. We see our fathers as protectors and our guardian angels, we believe that no one can hurt us as long as we are protected by our fathers, and if things go wrong, he will make it all better. While fathers have one thing in mind since the day we are born, which is, “my daughter will grow up one day, get married and leave my house”. Therefore he cherishes every minute he has with us and spoils us till our brothers are green with envy and our moms give up on reasoning with them.
Daddy’s have a soft spot for their daughters, all it takes is a “please daddy” and puppy dog eyes to get what we want, and we tend to take advantage of that! With sons on the other hand, they don’t give in so easily.
It is imperative that a girl has a healthy relationship with her father, because that is the first male interaction she encounters which benchmarks all her future social engagement with men.
A British author, Enid Bagnold once said, “A father is always making his baby into a little woman. And when she is a woman he turns her back again.”

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