Cold Weather Tips for Pregnant Women

Written by: Kim Neyer
Much to my dismay, we ended up having to turn to the heat on in our house this week after I woke up one morning shivering. When I checked the thermostat, I was shocked to see it read 63 degrees Fahrenheit. As the mercury continues to fall, my expecting friends are scrambling to look for maternity coats and roomy sweaters, which in my experience, are hard to come by for some reason. Unless you’re willing to part with some serious cash, finding a maternity coat that you are comfortable wearing is a real challenge! There are other considerations for pregnant women as colder weather approaches, so here is list of things to help you prepare.
Don’t Stress About the Coat: Having a super warm coat is not a huge necessity for a number of reasons (and I know because I live in the frigid Midwest). For starters, a bun in the oven is just that, a bun in your oven!! Pregnancy makes you very hot, and this works to your advantage in the winter. A simple wool coat was all I needed, and often I would leave it open to cool off. Get a nice warm scarf
to protect your neck and collar area and you should be just fine! Secondly, you’re probably not going to be spending a lot of time outdoors because you are pregnant. I would hope your spouse isn’t asking you to shovel the driveway and I wouldn’t recommend sledding while pregnant.
Men’s Sweatshirts: Your husband’s sweatshirt is big and roomy, perfect for keeping that round belly warm. I loved the way the band around the bottom would pull closer to my waist, protecting my belly from cold drafts. On really cold days, I would wear a hooded sweatshirt under my coat for extra warmth.
Boots with Tread: Slipping on ice is not just risky for expectant mamas, it’s easier to do when your center of gravity has shifted, affecting your balance. When you know you’re going to be crossing an icy parking lot or other area, try to have someone walk with you to support your arm and catch you if you fall. Ditch style in favor of safety and get a really good pair of boots that will grip the ground as you walk. You don’t have to wear them once you get indoors; simply swap them for your stylish flats once you get inside!

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