10 Phobias You're Glad You Don't Have…Or Do You?

Have you ever experienced a fear of something knowing perfectly well it was irrational to feel that way? This is a characteristic of a phobia. A phobia normally stems from an experience or memory which has been suppressed and manifests in an irrational fear, causing a person who has it to disrupt, or even stop, living their normal lives. There are countless amounts of phobias, but these are some of the more peculiar out there:
1. Autophobia: The fear of yourself. Scary thought, huh? This one of the few phobias that you can’t get away from. This can mean merely, a fear of being alone but in more severe cases it can mean being afraid of yourself or not trusting yourself. Symptoms of the condition include breathlessness and dry mouth to nausea, heart palpitations and a sensation of detachment.
2. Phobophobia: The fear of fear. Everyone has this to some degree because it’s innately in us to maintain survival, however some people can become so consumed with the fear of being fearful, they can’t function in normal society or live their lives.
3. Ephebophobia: The fear of youths. Youth advocacy organizations define Ephebiphobia as an abnormal or irrational and persistent fear and/or loathing of teenagers or adolescence.
4. Pteronophobia: The fear of being tickled by feathers. Just like many of the phobias, Pteronophobia stems from a related, but separate feeling. The feeling of being tickled by feathers, which can happen during childhood, is often equated with the feeling of being trapped.
5. Peladophobia: The fear of bald people. People with this phobia find that facing, or even thinking about facing a bald person brings on a panic attack or severe anxiety, even causing the person to experience black outs.
6. Genuphobia – The fear of knees. This phobia can be sustained by a person having a severe knee injury, like dislocation or disfigurement, or someone who finds the sight of knees disgusting.
7. Porphyrophobia: The fear of the color purple. The fear is linked to highly negative association between the color purple and something that left a lasting negative impression. The fear can be towards the color purple itself, or something related to it.
8. Methyphobia: The fear of alcohol.  People suffering from this phobia fear the consequences of alcohol consumption and often avoid everyone who drinks, as well as any situation where alcohol is present, which can include family members weddings, birthday, holidays, etc.
9. Phagophobia: The fear of swallowing. This phobia has been linked to choking, and leads people who have it to avoid eating solid foods and an almost obsessive need for a glass of water while eating. The fear can be so great that those suffering may experience rapid weight loss or have mild seizures while eating.
10. Tetraphobia: The fear of the number four. This condition is found most often in the Eastern world because of the similarity between the Chinese word ‘four, and ‘death,’ however it expands worldwide. People will avoid the number four at all costs, and attribute a death, bad luck, or any malice to it.
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